You'll receive your Meeting Insights report shortly after your meeting. We send the report as soon as we receive the transcript from Zoom -- which can sometimes be delayed. We've listed some common reasons for delivery delays, but you should usually receive your report within 1-2 hours of your meeting.

Common Reasons

1️⃣ You must be the host only receives transcripts for meetings that you host. If you are a participant in a meeting and not the host, we will not receive a transcript to analyze and won't be able to deliver a report.

2️⃣ Transcription Delays

We create and send the Meeting Insights email as soon as Zoom delivers the transcript of the meeting. It can take anywhere from as little as 20 minutes and up to several hours for the transcript to be delivered to us.

You will receive an email from Zoom when the transcript is complete -- and you should receive the Meeting Insights report at the same time.

3️⃣ Short meetings

We will not send a report for meetings under 5 minutes in recorded duration.

Something still not right?

If you hosted a meeting and it has been several hours since the meeting ended, please review the following:​

☑️ Check your Zoom Recordings history

Click on the name of a meeting, and check the status of the “Audio transcript”. If you see "transcribing..." instead of the size of the file (e.g. "42 KB" below), Zoom has not finished transcribing the file.

☑️ Check your spam folder

Add to your Contacts or Address Book to ensure deliverability.

If you believe there was a problem, please contact our support team at

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