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What are the recommended Zoom settings for Navigate?
What are the recommended Zoom settings for Navigate?

In order for Cyrano Navigate to receive and analyze transcripts from your recorded Zoom meetings, certain Zoom settings need to be enabled.

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Required Settings

Turn ON the following settings:

  1. Cloud recording: flip the switch so that it appears blue

  2. Cloud recording > Record an audio-only file

  3. Cloud recording > Audio transcript

Automatic recording is optional but is useful so that you don't need to remember to turn on recording manually. If you do enable this, make sure that you choose the "Record in the cloud" option.

If you choose not to enable automatic recording, when you enable the recording of a meeting manually, remember that you must choose "Record to the cloud."

Note: If you do not see the "Audio Transcripts" setting on this page, you may need to upgrade Zoom to take advantage of our service. Audio transcription is a feature of the Business, Enterprise, and Education editions of Zoom.

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