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Installing Cyrano Navigate for Tom Ferry (Microsoft)
Installing Cyrano Navigate for Tom Ferry (Microsoft)
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2. Click on Start a FREE Real Estate Trial

3. Sign Up for Cyrano Navigate using your Microsoft account

4. Sign in with an email account that is linked to Microsoft. (A vanity email that is linked to Outlook also works well.)


5. IMPORTANT - Ensure all options are selected to grant permission before clicking on Continue

6. Add Email Integration

DO NOT CLICK ACTIVATE - This option is for unpaid users.

7. Select Office 365 Enable Sync

8. Select Continue.

9. Select your Microsoft Account from the list or chose to use another account.

10. Once again select and accept all permissions requested.

11. Microsoft needs to run this process two times. You will see the message "Shoot. That wasn't supposed to happen." This will be fixed before the official launch. Once again select Sign in with Microsoft.

12. Select the same Microsoft Account you just used to sign in again.

13. Select and accept all permissions requested.

Your Email and Calendar are now connected to Cyrano Navigate

Over the next 30 minutes, Navigate will be integrating email conversations. We have provided you with tutorials and sample data to begin exploring. When you are ready you can dismiss the sample data.

Connect Cyrano Navigate To Your Tom Ferry Zoom

  1. Click on the Settings Icon

2. Select Integrations

3. Under the Zoom option Select Enable Sync

4. Review our TRUST description and Select Continue. It is important you know we take data privacy seriously and work diligently to protect your data.

5. Sign in to your Tom Ferry Zoom Account

6. Check the box to Allow Cyrano to communicate with your Zoom Account

Your Zoom conversations are now connected to Navigate. Every time to you have a Zoom meeting that is recorded and transcribed that conversation will now be included in your contacts profile.

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