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User Guide: Cyrano Navigate for Zoom
User Guide: Cyrano Navigate for Zoom

This document organizes all of our documentation regarding our Zoom connector.

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Cyrano Navigate for Zoom is simple to get up and running. Once you install, your Zoom transcripts will be automatically analyzed after each of your meetings. These analyses will be available through the Conversations view and your meeting participants will appear in the People view.

Analysis of Existing Transcripts

When a user first enables the Zoom integration for Navigate, Navigate will immediately scan their existing cloud recordings for transcripts and analyze them.

Post-Meeting Call Summary Email

As soon as transcription is complete for a meeting, we analyze that transcript and send an email to the host with a summary of that call.

Participant Analysis

Our analysis of Zoom calls creates a psychographic profile for the host and every participant of their Zoom calls. This profile describes the priorities, communication style, motivation, and overall commitment level of the person in question. Based on that profile, Navigate provides advice to the user to help them build a stronger relationship with that person.



I'm not receiving an email about my meeting analysis after my meetings.

The most common reasons for this are either:

  • a version of Zoom that doesn't support transcription, or (read this)

  • that transcription isn't enabled (read this)

If neither of these issues resolves the problem, or if you have a different issue, please contact our support team using the chat bubble below or emailing us at


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